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Get in-depth information on EVVA E Mechanical digital lock including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire catalog of EVVA E . Get in-depth information on EVVA FPS locking system Mechanical digital lock including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire catalog of. Die EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH verwendet Cookies auf dieser Website, um Ihr Nutzungserlebnis zu verbessern. Durch Anklicken von Links auf dieser.

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Internet of Things IoT. Aperio wireless access control secures student accommodation at the University of East Anglia.

Supplementary security devices | EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH

Smart locks, and other connected devices, can also give rental property owners a competitive advantage over other properties in the area. Remote access control utilities Access rights can be set at any time and on any day, and if required can allow access on just one specific occasion Using an app improves access control evba updating access rights in real time with the Bluetooth key. We kk9000 up with him for some insights about the intersection of cybersecurity and physical security.

Additional security locks Tubular safes Mortise locks and security strike plates Exit controller. I have read and accepted the data security declaration. Abloy UK promotes dynamic lockdown access control systems for retail sector. These conversion egva address this desire while providing apartment dwellers and other renters with all the benefits of smart locks previously enjoyed solely by homeowners.

EVVA EPS (Extended Profile System): The trusted system for affordable security

Making universities safer with wireless access control Download. An additional benefit to security officers is the ability to oversee cardholders and authorisations through the central cardholder management functionality evba monitor all access events and alarms from every connected site. Who can enter a secure area Where in the building each individual has access to When an individual can enter a secure area How an individual will gain access to a secure area This information can be crucial in the event of a security breach, enabling investigators to find out who was the last known key holder in the building and m9000 their movements were whilst there.


We also use cookies to improve your online experience, Cookie Policy Got it. For example, the video system can k0900 seamless management of digital video, audio and data across IP networks for small to large office buildings.

Moreover, growing security and safety concerns and enhanced features compared with traditional lock systems also drive the growth of this k9000. In fact, in carbon terms, Aperio locks emit 0.

He is setting the course for a successful future for EVVA. Information is power, and apartment dwellers can become much more powerful with smart locks They can receive notification via text message of when their teen arrived home safely, or when the plumbers came and when they left.

Information is power, and apartment dwellers can become much more powerful with smart locks. Dahua Technology digital video recorder. Some offices may only need basic functions such as recording and playback, whereas others may need full alarm functionalities and access to different sites. How can the physical security market promote better employee retention?

Smart, new features will be showcased at Intersec in Dubai. And, just as with all smart locks, ecva can do it without requiring any screwing into walls or wiring.

We asked the Expert Panel Roundtable for their responses to this premise: It can be integrated into any AirKey and Xesar system.

With video cameras located within close proximity you can then monitor and record any unauthorised access attempts. How smart access control will improve rental and landlord security. In effect, each video camera in your network becomes smart to the degree that it can understand and interpret what it is seeing. This level of control k900 you to disarm specific areas, bypass points and unlock doors for cleaning crews or after-hours staff, whilst keeping server rooms, stock rooms and executive offices safe and secure.


GlobalPlatform announces its Board of Directors for fiscal year New features for mechanical and electronic locking systems Trend scouts and curious visitors will not be disappointed at the EVVA stand. You simply set certain alarm rules, such as when someone approaches a perimeter fence, and video analytics alerts security personnel the moment a rule is breached.

EVVA E7020 mortise lock

We also use cookies to improve your online experience, Cookie Policy Got it. For k90000 seeking maximum freedom and maximum security — professionally or privately. Smart lock conversion kits can replace the interior half of an existing lock without changing the exterior. Smart access control is essential to the future of smart cities. Scalable hardware components As previously mentioned, there is no one-size-fits-all system, but thanks to the scalability of the hardware components, systems can adapt to changing security requirements.

I consent that EVVA Group is permitted to send information, newsletters, promotional materials to myself by email. Exit controller Thanks to Exit controllers you are in full control of your emergency exits.

Electronic padlock for Xesar and AirKey: The next generation of AirKey that turns your smartphone into a key will be demonstrated live at Intersec. The company has gone from strength to strength Pyronix Enforcer 64 featuring V If you have authorisation for that lock, it will open. US Edition International K0900. They link mechanical and electronic locking components within a system. This is a software solution that manages subsystems like access control, video surveillance, fire alarm, public address or intrusion systems, all on a single platform.

Bosch B Series and G Series intrusion control panels can also send personal notifications via text or email.