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FERROLI WFL4+P7 PELLET ΤΑΞΙΑΡΩΝ. By – Ποιότητα & Οικονομία · Updated about 5 years ago · Taken in περιστερι · Already tagged. Gorilec na pelete Ferroli z visokim učinkom in omejenimi emisijami za kotle na trda goriva razreda 3 EN , zanesljiv, enostaven za uporabo in vzdrževanje.

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This is the only thing you have to modify from the factory settings or the settings that were set during installation. Last year it worked just fine, but I had problem with ferrol and I had cerroli central unit on a burner.

We have had no stuck pellets or any problems with this at all. I think on you case it should be 0 no modulation. Could you please explain how modulation mode exactly works?

Have any one have advice how to reduce pellet consumption. So big, that the burner was blocked from the very beginning.

What you can try is to burn a few bags of the same pellets as you used to and see if the burner will behave the same as before. And we have the ferrroli with language.

And then start to blink A Pellets size is according to the manual Wish You all the best! Anyways, again thank you allot for all of your input, thank to you I understand how burner works.

As far as I know there is no parameter that sets a temperature that will start the cycle. Maybe you keep it somewhere where is too hot and it shuts down the burner? And it is like around 10 min and stops to blowing. The burner has 5 power settings u Our first batch of pellets came from Bosnia, and there is no problem with them. Would the use of the Ferroli, and the continued use of it until we are able to purchase a cowl cause any long term damage? The pellets on the pipe were building a bridge as they entered the gril, just next to the fire.


Pellets of good quality have pretty large chunks of wood inside them you can see this when you break them. For power level 3, t12 and t13 are used to control the fan t12 and the amount of pellets t The problem is that they are too small and tend to clog the burner right at the end of the pipe where the tube ends and enters the burner part.

I have lowered fan speed from to 95, the flame is smaller but I think that less pellets get waisted this way.

I run the SUN P7 with the parameters: After it stops at 70 degrees it starts again after around 5 minutes even if the temperature is between degrees. This could be a problem. I have to look for it more carefully this days. This is done every ferrooi seconds by default.


Just go to a ferolli dealer and ask them and maybe post back their answer. Once I solve that, I will jump back on almond shells and try to optimize the system. You have to look at t Maybe I make a fundamental mistake I am not aware. Thanks Drona for the fast response, my parameters are; 18 is 2 is I guess that means that burner always works on power level 1?

Hi Safari, great to hear all is good. The increased flow of pellets on start up is ok if you have good quality pellets, and it seems you have. If it is higher it means you loose heat through the pipes in the atmosphear. I recommend to set them in increasing power level, from setting 1 ;7 setting 5.

It seems i will have to play with power modulation the fullfil my needs. Because when its cooldown. There are burners that can measure the exhaust gases for example. Right below the display disappear the 3 and the little stick, after this it appears that 0, shortly after the blowing begins and at the same time then comes the FH. Comentariu Nume Email Sit ferroi. When I would open the burner door, or at the slightest move, the bridge would colapse and pellets would fall down in the gril.


Do You think that it can be possible to muve that damn display on some more convenient place? Ferrol want our program to run on option UO3 — 1 — with all the options — but I am not sure which functions should show on the display: Interestingly, after this moment, the pellets would slowly burn almost completely from the grille.

From what you have said it looks as though we need to get a cowl to help with the draw, so until we get one we are without heating. In order to operate the burner in modulating fwrroli do i need any special sensor or probe?

Stuck SUN P7 pellet burner – how to fix.

The first round of olive cores I got were very o7 too so that dust once accumulated at the burner entrance acted like a glue and all the olive cores would attach to it block the passage. I just cleaned burner and have found a lot of junk just like those on your pictures.

My home now is around 10 degree. It does not want to start. I only want to increase first pellet load up.

Stuck SUN P7 pellet burner – how to fix. – Jurnal

And what if I increase power level to 2?? Ignition is detected by the light sensor. Hi, Nice explanation of operation, thanks!!!

Next issue is the pumps setup, they are in the hot line of the boiler, and they should be in the return line of the radiators fertoli and hot water reservoir.