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Foucault, Abnormal, p. From the careful analyses of the maneuvers of psychiatric power in the previous year’s lectures ()—with. The genealogy of the abnormal individual offered by Foucault, one linking Abnormal In Canguilhem’s view, monstrosity and the monstrous. Students of history usually encounter major thinkers in a condensed form. They may associate the name of Michel Foucault with the term medicalization or.

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The volume is eminently readable.

This is also a change in the idea of monstrosity: Should we conclude from this insensitivity that Foucault regards these bucolic pleasures as genuinely innocent? Even so, reading these thought experiments and historical sketches remains tremendously inspiring, not least because Foucault’s musings continue to spur critical engagement and dissent.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Fouccault are commenting using your Twitter account. This individual occurs very clearly in the 18th c. Foucault sees the emergence of a sexual monster.

Jouy was a man of forty, but one whom adult women couldn’t take seriously. At the point at which we wrote these stories, we had not yet turned our attention to the way in which sexuality itself is constructed.

Marie Martin Lemarcis was baptized as a woman but gradually became a man, and wore mens clothes and married a widow. Sign up here for discounts and foucaault purchasing.

Foucault 5/ Introducing *Abnormal* () – Foucault 13/13

Reversal of their Historical Importance pp. To be sure, this solution is much in tune with Foucault’s theoretical vision. In the 17th c. Intriguingly, as Fouczult points out, such a gaze shifts attention away from the deed itself or the question of a person’s culpability at the time of the crime to aspects of an existence that were not themselves criminal, a person’s body and biography. Jouy is legally charged then examined by several psychiatric experts who not only conduct a psychiatric examination, but also measure his anatomy for signs of degenerescence.


Foucault disdainfully refers to such experts as pen-pushing “Ubus”–as part of a tradition of vile and buffoonish sovereigns from Nero to Hitler whose power is not compromised by their ridiculousness.

Michel Foucault: Abnormal, Chapter Three Summary | Theory and Play

Anne Grandjean was baptized as a girl, but on her 14th birthday began to desire other women. As readers of that work may recall, Foucault used the Jouy case as an example of the spread of social control over sex as an omnipresent and constant danger.

There was a denunciation, and he was forced to come before the courts and be examined by a doctor, an apothecary, and two surgeons. For psychiatry, the original abnormaps of which was to oversee public hygiene and protect the society from illness, forms of abnormality brought into focus by the spread of disciplinary techniques represented an inexhaustible domain of intervention. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Foucault 5/13: Introducing *Abnormal* (1974-1975)

Archived Entry Post Date: The first provides an account of how psychiatry connects up with juridical institutions; the second an account of the enmeshment of psychiatry and the family. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: What’s new here is his suggestion that the episteme of penal psychiatry is quite distinct from that of some of its sister sciences such as psychopathology, psychology, and psychoanalysis–that its scientific status is even more in question.

Three decades after his death, Michel Foucault remains one of the towering intellectual figures of the last half-century. Yet Foucault doesn’t feel compelled to address Sophie’s fate at all. Prior to this, medical discourse had been closed to sexuality, after this sexuality began to be permitted, and even encouraged in medicine. The discovery of instinct, an uncontrollable, involuntary and spontaneous natural impulse enabled these early psychiatrists to explain the motiveless crime, one that could not be explained by appealing to the logic of delirium typically used by alienists.


They decided that he was female, and thus he was sentenced to be hung and burned, while his wife was forced to witness the execution and be thrashed. Arnold Davidson is the general editor of the series of English translations.

In this second genealogical sketch the adolescent masturbator, not the criminal monster, becomes the basis for the expansion of medical control within the family insofar as masturbation is granted infinite causal power to produce illness.

Foucault expands on themes such as confession, the repressive hypothesis, the medicalization of the family, the emergence of psychiatry, and the sexual pervert. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. At the same time as these changes are occurring on the medico-legal front, abnormality is also being sexualized. June 18, Michel Foucault: Michel Foucault remains the essential philosopher of the modern world.

The eighteenth-century anti-masturbation campaign served as both a precursor and a model for nineteenth-century psychiatry.

The second Foucault recounts as follows: Foucault concludes his lectures with an expanded discussion of the case of the proto-sex offender Charles Jouy, a case that he also discusses in History of Sexuality, Volume 1. That neither Sophie Adams nor Jouy needed protection, correction, or guidance? If only we knew more about the original audience’s responses, their mumbling or their laughter.