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Traditional centrifugal compressors use roller bearings and hydrodynamic bearings, both of which consume power and require oil and a lubrica- tion system . Frictionless Compressor | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for Mechanical. Amrit Sahoo. Uploaded by. Amrit Sahoo. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently. Introduction The frictionless compressor technology is compressor with the application of magnetic bearings and permanent magnet.

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A rotary vane compressor is well suited to electric motor drive and is significantly quieter tehcnology operation than the equivalent piston compressor. The VSD is integrated into the compressor housing, avoiding long leads and allowing key electronic components to be refrigerant-cooled. Current development projects are expanding the range and duty of the compressor wheels and promise to offer even greater efficiencyfor water-coole and air-cooled duties and different capacities.

Operations to near zero loads are achievable via an optional, digitally controlled, load balancing valve. With suitable port connections, the devices may be either a compressor or a vacuum pump.

The 3-D password is a multifactor authentication scheme that combines these various authentication schemes into a single 3-D virtual Magnetic bearings eliminate the need fricgionless these systems and oil management in general. If you need this or technolofy other sample, we can send it to you via email.

Frictionless Compressor | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for Mechanical

The positive pressure, oil-free design eliminates performance degradation due to non-condensable and frictionoess contamination of the refrigerant. Department of Mechanical Engineering for their valuable advices at crucial times.


The integrated VFD allows excellent part-load y performance as power consumption drops o ff, depending on the head relief, near the cube root of the shaft speed.

Recently, ceramic roller bearings, which avoid issues related to oil and reduce power consumption, were introduced to the HVAC industry.

Seminar On Frictionless Compressor Technology- Mechanical Seminar Topic

Rotary Vane compressors are, with piston compressors one of the oldest of compressor technologies. Compressors are now brought to mainstream middle-market applications through the use of High-speed, two-stage centrifugal compression with integral variable-speed drive.

The motor also does not require oil lubrication; oil in the chiller evaporator creates a decrease in efficiency over time as the tubes foul, lessening heat transfer. Electromagnetic cushions continually change in field strength to keep the rotor shaft centrally positioned. They can be either stationary or portable, can be single or multi-staged, and can be driven by electric motors or internal combustion engines.

Unmatched unloading with the integrated VFDs since the on-board digital control reduce compressor speed to match the load. This can lead to an elaborate oil-recovery system. Topics For Seminar Back to the top. The motor and key electronic components are internally refrigerant cooled, so no specialcooling is required for the VFD or the motor. In fact, the only required regular maintenance of the compressor is the quarterly tightening of the terminal screws, the annual blowing off of dust and cleaning of the boards, and the changing of the capacitors every five years.


Low inrush current at start-up is ideal for operation with backup or emergency power systems. The frictionless compressor technology makes newrevolutions in the field of air conditioning, refrigeration etc.

Magnetic bearings consume less power and there is no need for oil and lubrication systems. Easy on energy The ompressor enables chiller and rooftop manufacturers to achieve the necessar product efficiency y levels to meet and exceed ASHRA An R version is planned for retrofit applications.

In certain applications, such as air compression, multi-stage double-acting compressors are said to be the most efficient compressors available, and are typically larger, noisier, and more costly than comparable rotary units.

If the magnetic bearings fail, the touchdown bearings also known as backup bearings are used to prevent a compressor failure. Low noise and smooth Operation. What is your topic? Permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor has permanent magnet instead of copper windings.

The arrays of aerofoil are set in rows, usually as pairs: While gears are a proven technology, they create noise and vibration, consume power, and require lubrication. Let me help you.