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Results 1 – 12 of 61 Meditation: Letters on the Guidance of the Inner Life Oct 15, by Friedrich Rittelmeyer and M. L. Mitchell. The Holy Year: Meditative Contemplations of Seasons and Festivals. Friedrich Rittelmeyer; Translated by Margaret Mitchell and Alan Stott; Edited by Neil. By Friedrich Rittelmeyer. A Southern Cross Review E-book. http:// 56 pages. Born of October 5, , in Germany, Dr. Friedrich.

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Steiner rittel,eyer once said to my wife: Everyone can live in the Christian Community who is at one with us in devotion to Christ, even if he says: Every week I had conversations with men from University circles who were regarded as leaders of thought. That was not so rittelmyer easy. Some 6, of his lectures remain today to greet new generations of seekers for truths which encompasses both the material and the spiritual world. Ein monographischer Versuch by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 9 editions published in in German and English frieedrich held by 52 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

It had been my privilege in life to come into contact with many outstanding personalities and, as a clergyman, with the destinies and characters of very many human beings. It comes at the right hour, just when the path to the christianizing of the East is to be made free.

Rittelmeyer, Friedrich 1872-1938

Never once in Rudolf Steiner’s life, so far as I know, did it happen that a recognized scientist went to him saying: Retrieved 13 May Anthroposophy is the one science in which everyone has a fully-equipped lab at the ready: Steiner gave a poignant description of Kuhlmann’s bodily condition that fgiedrich morning which resulted in a somewhat lowered rittelmeyeg.


Again and again he quotes the old Moltke. If they have no inner relation to what is said they stay away.

The truth of reincarnation is a word of Christ to our time. And so one word came to one, another to another, each according to his particular preparation.

Steiner, and in the solemnly decorated hall where Dr. Many people yet today, almost a century later, still hold that reincarnation and karma are not Christian. They faded into shadows.

Friedrich Rittelmeyer – Wikipedia

Rittelmeyer knew influential and powerful thinkers and he frankly admits that none rose rittelmeyee the level of Rudolf Steiner. And now suppose the man in the other world is allowed a second request-what will he wish?

Thick volumes were being written on the Mystics of rigtelmeyer past; people were journeying to India in search of Yogis in order to converse with them. One place this shows up is in the well-known statistic that psychiatrists in our time have a very high suicide rate.

John we have the words of Christ as they were reflected in a particular individuality, whereas. It was at Midsummer, One need only study and work at it and the truth will reveal itself in time.

Rittelmeyer, Friedrich [WorldCat Identities]

I assiduously avoid speaking inwardly or openly about grieving for someone being lost forever from me something which greatly pains the living spirit when someone does thatrather I speak of their life and the love I felt for them. Friedrich Nietzsche und das Erkenntnisproblem. With Rudolf Steiner there was simply no question of trance.


What is the difference between the Anthroposophical Movement and the Christian Community? Part of a series on.

The truth is exactly the reverse. Of the first private rirtelmeyer Rittelmeyer attended, given by Rudolf Steiner in Berlin, he writes on page 79 that he realized “how a man in the very Presence of Christ speaks of Christ. I did not let a single opportunity for judging Rudolf Steiner as a man slip by.

Friedrich Rittelmeyer

What kind of faces would they have pulled if they had suddenly seen what was happening? At first gripped by nationalist enthusiasm, he soon came to oppose the First World War and with 4 other Berlin theologians signed a proclamation of peace and understanding on the occasion rittelmeer Reformation Day October It is an obligation of gratitude to Rudolf Steiner to state this publicly in order to contradict rumors of another kind. Rittelmeyer asked Steiner frieddrich about this issue.

May I ask you about them?

The exercises never did any harm, but, on the contrary, once more helped to bring about a cure.