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Gerpolek, gerilya-politik-ekonomi (Seri Djambatan klasik) [Tan Malaka] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Military strategy for combating. It is the first extract of the booklet “The Partisan and his Military, Political and Economic Struggle” (GERPOLEK) written by Tan Malakka May when he was. GERPOLEK. (Chapters XI – XIII). Tan Malaka (). This cut down version of GERPOLEK is translated from the French, which is translated from the Dutch which.

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Between herpolek four walls of stone and behind the iron bars, the author does not have any works which enable him to check the exactitude of his opinions. I and the P.

All mountainous areas and all the airfields being of military interest as well as many arms belonging to the people and to the youth of the Republic. It can be also used by a large well organised army, within the framework of one or the other strategy. The economy and finances of the territories still administered by the Republic are in the greatest disorder.

The Dutch would then come to demand political power equivalent to, or almost to what they formerly had at the time of the existence of the Dutch Indies. Sovereignty belongs, according to the Lingadjatti agreement, to the Dutch crown; a dozen puppet States were created; almost all the plantations, the factories, mines as well as the means of transport and the banks will be restored the foreigners; almost all the mining riches are in territories occupied by the Netherlanders; the Dutch army occupies part of Indonesian territory; the blockade of the Republic continues; the 5th column settles into the parties, the organizations, the army and the administration.

Their foreign trade starting to be restored, they could again borrow money from the United States and thus reinforce their own army, their economy and their finances. The Indonesian workers, the peasants and small traders beginning must themselves take part in the development of plans for production, consumption and the exchange of goods.

The attack of the Dutch on the Republic thus provides the Indonesian people with a fine excuse to confiscate, i.


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During what revolution does one allow enemies or people with benevolent intentions towards the enemy, to enter and leave vital places for defence freely, like Malang-Cheribon? Enemy soldiers who in these cases start to feel certain needs can be lured in an ambush prepared in advance there to be disarmed or eliminated, by forces stationed in the surrounding area.

Note by translator and transcriber, Ted Crawford July Currently the Republic only has a few mala,a airstrips. Towards the older people, he must behave like an elder brother or a son, towards the less old people like an elder maalaka or a father. By the evacuation of the pockets on the west and east of Java and of some pockets in Sumatra, the Dutch took possession of territories that months of engagements, using tanks, of guns and planes, would not have been able to gain them.

The partisan mobilizes his comrades to help, during their leisure, the peasants working their rice fields and the workers gerpilek in their trades. The struggle for the freedom of the Indonesian proletariat is a fight for political and economic independence without it being possible to dissociate the political, economic and social objectives. In this case, we must coordinate our attacks or our defence.

The wars of the first category are wars of conquest, those of the second of the wars of liberation. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I and Partai Sosialis were divided into two groups.

Nevertheless Tan Malakka had a great reputation as an educator gerpplek the workers and peasants using simple grammatical constructions to tam complex matters and this seems malakaa come through. I estimate that one of measures which can most contribute to save the country, is the creation on land and sea, everywhere, of guerrillas. In short, the struggle until the departure of gerpoldk last enemy was replaced by a tactic of concessions in order to make peace with the enemy.

In the economic, financial and military areas possibilities for us are limited in the extreme. In the next number of our review, we will reproduce large extracts from the third and fourth part of the booklet, dealing with specific military problems of the partisan war and the economic questions of the Indonesian revolution. It was extremely regrettable for the interested parties; it was still more for the Indonesian State whose sovereignty was not respected.


These are the ,alaka which, beside other ta and economic subjects, must be learnt by the partisans, be they officers or soldiers. In consequence of this recognition, the Dutch troops must leave the Indonesian coasts and seas. In the fields and even malala the mountains one can build to start with co-operatives of production initially agriculturalof transport and credit.

It explains in detail the views of the author on the partisan war. To ask other readers questions about Gerilya Politik Ekonomiplease sign up.

I only want to draw attention to some military precepts which appear important to me. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Gerilya Politik Ekonomi by Tan Malaka (2 star ratings)

But it soon appeared that the agreement of Gerpoek could be interpreted in the contrary direction by the Dutch in order to achieve their own goals, namely the re-establishment of the colonial rule and the destruction of the Republic of Indonesia.

Several puppet States have been created and set one against the other.

This war is also called a civil war or a social war. The Indonesian revolution is not a simple national revolution such as some Indonesians want whose only aim is maintaining or improving their own situation, while being ready to yield the sources of all riches to foreigners, whether they are allies or enemies of the nation.

The civil wars can be bourgeois or proletarian.

We are on the edge of the abyss. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The promises made by the Dutch in the agreement of Linggadjati seemed very attractive. The knowledge of which he made use in this work was born from conversations with soldiers and reading, a venture of a few years ago, of books and reviews devoted to the problems of the army.

He must help those, who are in misfortune. To lure the mzlaka into ambushes. Software used Google Exif version 2.