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G.U.R.P.S.. | CHARACTER SHEET. Player Name. Character Name. Date Created. Birthdate. Concept. Nationality. |Occupation. Religion. Species. Gender. GURPS Character Sheet () Software (for maps, char sheets, etc) Earlier editions supported GURPS 3rd edition and were Macintosh based only. Sign In; Join (it’s free)!. Search. All, RPG Items, RPGs, Systems, Series, Settings, Designers, Artists, Production Staff, Publishers, Forums, GeekLists, Tags, Wiki.

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July 20, Also available for individual download.

I’ve made a first try at an NPC sheet: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I shest. Cleric, Fighter, Thief, and Wizard from this post. This package does a good job at that, if I do say so myself: Does anyone have a file or printable? The bug in question affected the cost calculations for certain modified traits.

January 12, Rescue or Bug Hunt? Last updated on December 3, I think the tab order should be consistent and logical throughout, so in theory you could work through the entire sheet by hitting Tab and entering info.

Character sheet

In addition to the blank one, there is also a filled-in sheet as an example of what it looks like with some info on it screenshot. October 09, Character Sheet No Attribute Calculation Blank character sheet, as above, except Attribute costs only are not calculated.

Is it somehow possible to save the document with 3ed filled-in data? Details in this post. If you have questions or feedback, please send me an email.


Find Gyrps Posts by Stormcrow. You do, don’t you! There are also tutorials; a general oneand a tutorial on templates. Originally Posted by OldSam. My 3rd Edition 3rd printing also had two others in the instant characters booklet, pretty much the same, but one had an gurls of a muscular guy, and the other of a woman.

Originally Posted by mook Happy to hear any feedback and suggestions for 3rx. Doesn’t proofread forum posts before clicking “Submit”. I expect he’s looking at the one-sided sheet the four sample characters appear on.

No big deal since most people would be doing that anyway, sgeet I thought I’d mention. The time now is This update took something like 18 months since 1.

I mixed in my interest in role-playing games and decided to create a browser-based character sheet manager charactwr my favorite game system, GURPS. I may overhaul some of the guts too, which now look a little old-fashioned compared to things like React. It may be a little while before I make my next release, which should be 2. First, you can load a different charavter into each card using the JCSP menus, but if you refresh the page, all four will reset to whichever character you modified most recently.

So load and print, using the browser print function. Some years ago I wrote some software to generate random names for characters belonging to some fantasy cultures: They can get a little wonky if lowering traits to get points back and not using full multiples – when doing that, try not to use “in-between” numbers so if lowering HP, use -2, -4, -6; if lowering FP, use -3, -6, -9; etc.


Depending on 3rf or not permission is granted determines whether or not I can aid you in your quest to get printable copies of the character sheets from the book itself. There are a few other online character sheet managers out there already, but they don’t really try to create a nice-looking character sheet for viewing or printing.

Character sheet | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

April 20, Also available for individual download. Not tried with Windows browsers yet. My address is ‘jim. Find More Posts by OldSam. It is four pages in length, and I’ve given SJGames a copy of gurls file as well in case they decide it is worth hosting as a file to give out freely.

You can have multiple different character sheets open simultaneously. Find More Posts by hal.

GURPS 4e Interactive/Fillable PDF Character Sheet – Steve Jackson Games Forums

GURPS 4th edition, my layout. September 19, Also available for individual download. Dwarf Elf Goblin Orc Demon.

GURPS 4th edition, half-page. Find More Posts by Lupo. Find More Posts by mook.