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About The Book Hatharatnavali is an important treatise on Hathayoga and Tantra written by Srinivasa Bhatta Mahayogendra ( A.D.) but not popular. Documents Similar To Rasarnavakalpa. Uploaded by. Purushottam Gupta. The Rasarnava Sudhakara of Simhabhupala. Important Features of Hatha Ratnavali the Yogic Text of Srinivasa Yogi . Hathapradipika it is not widely known to the yoga seekers and still it is.

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Thus one undoubtedly becomes liberated. There are also errors in the enumeration and description of the names of the asanas. When the group of nadls is purified through the prescribed practice of pranayama, prana easily pierces the opening of susumna and enters into it.

Just as camphor merges in fire and salt dissolves in water, similarly, mind focused on it brahmangets merged with it. In HR srinivasa not only gives the list of 84 asanas but also describes many of them. The Hatharatnavali of Srinivasayogi is a little known but nevertheless important text on Hatha yoga.

Additionally nadanusandhana hearing of the unstruck sound for mind absorption is explained. We could not obtain more than one copy of this commentary. SKS calls this process as bhastra and describes it of three kinds,namely, shtirabhastrabhrantibhastra and antarbhastra. One who attains khecarl mudra, does haatha suffer from disease, does not get bound by karma and is not affected by untimely death. About the date of composition of HR nothing can definitely be said. For example, alongwith the mention of 84 asanas, he also mentions 84 pranayamas which do not seem to have any traditional bearing.

Hatharatnavali (A Treatise on Hata Yogas and Tantra)

Thus sahita variety is voluntary, whereas kevala is involuntary. When palms are folded forming a cavity, it is samputita- pankaja. Hold the left leg by the r ight hand and twist the body and remain steady. Rlfed l Wt fafatllwVtl feM W: Therapeutical Effects of hathayogic Practices Srinivasa has attributed certain therapeutical effects to the various yogic practices which are mentioned below: Different texts give different number of mudras.


One should press the heel firmly against the perineum and place the other foot over the genital. Moreover, it ties up the nervous hatna, which restricts the downward flow of the nectar oozing from the space.

All that is tasteless becomes tasty. Rather, at the end of a kalpahe renounces the body and goes to brahmasthana. This closing of ida and pingala directs ratnsvali prana into the posterior path susumna.

One who is established in rajayoga, all his awareness is lost. We hold that instead of insertion of a rstnavali in the anal canal and drawing the water through the tube in the basti-karma as practised by some adepts of yoga, one should practise jala-basti by inserting the finger in the anus, which was widely accepted by all eminent yogis like carpatie tc.

Out of eighty – four postures ahtha by Sivaten are important; the most important of theses are four, namely siddha, padma, simha and bhadra described here and among these siddha is regarded as the best.

This reflects not only on the propriety but also on absence of the coordination in yogs topics of presentation.


The last chapter is concerned with Ayurvedic thought in Hatharatnavali. A sheaf of smooth cotton thread resembling the tail of hatba mouse, which is six vitasti 1 vitasti – 12 digits yogw length, is the characteristic of the thread used for neti.

That is why one should approach a wise spiritual teacher. Chapter IV It deals with samadhi and the techniques like nadanusandhanafour states of progress in yoga, such as arambha, ghata, paricaya and the nispatti and the experiences during each of these states. Venkata Reddy who is associated with me, since The synonyms of kundalinl given here are not found in other available texts.


The length of the cloth for dhauti seems to vary in different traditions.

We also thank our friends who helped us in the project but prefer to remain anonymous. Ratjavali of the mind, contentment, silence, control of sense organs, kindness, politeness, belief in God, straightforwardness, gentleness, forgiveness, purification of the thoughts, non-violence, celebacy, memory, forbearance and some such moreā€”are known as niyamas for the mind.

This is the famous kapal-bhastriwhich removes all the diseases.

The ankles are placed under the buttocks. Some of the unique techniques which were being followed from generations have disappeared from the present Yogic field due to various factors.

In this technique jalandhara bandha is to be accompanied with jihvabandha. He was an inhabitant of Tirabhukti, in the Andhra State.

Hatharatnavali by Srinivasayogi | Yogaspirit

Then one should blow through the tube so that the air enters in. The experts of saivagama have stated thirty six tatvasin ratnavail bindu, nada, siva, sakd and sambhavi are included. One of the important aspects of Sri Reddy’s study is Svatmarama, the well-known author of Hathapradipika as Atmarama. This is an important traditional asanawhich tones up nerves supplying the pelvic organs and arising from lumbo-sacral region. In these verses, the author tries to give definition of yoga in different traditions, cittavrttinirodha is the definition harha by patahjali PYS-i.

By holding the ends of the thread and tying their ends, it should be rotated in the nasal passage and given friction.