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El Juego de Abalorios has ratings and reviews. Darwin8u said: “No permanence is ours; we are a waveThat flows to fit whatever form it finds. The Glass Bead Game (German: Das Glasperlenspiel) is the last full-length novel of the German author Hermann Hesse. It was begun in and published in. Results 1 – 30 of Juego de abalorios by Hesse, Hermann and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Often he felt a wild craving for the world, for people, for unreflective life – assuming that such still existed out there in the unknown world. Hesse is not a science fiction writer, and it was not his intention to create one. By which I mean: As the Game progresses, associations between the themes become deeper and more varied. A waste of time. Only the final essays are more digestible, though they add littl I read this book some years ago, after I read almost all other novels by Abaloeios.

One of my favourite books. I have recently returned years after retirement to reread several of Hesse’s books, including, most recently “The Glass Bead Game”. Language of that period is researched.

El Juego de Abalorios by Hermann Hesse (4 star ratings)

Siddhartha Spanish Edition Kindle Edition. The glass bead game, to me, is so far evolved and sophisticated as it is, that even the scholars and teachers cannot provide anything of real substance.

It is a great good fortune that hermajn have these works, and of course we Castalians live almost entirely by them View all 9 comments. He goes to some meetings, meets people and studies. When I started reading this book, I remember I was very excited – it was about some game and I do so love games! The fragment breaks off as the young contemporary of Bach happens upon an organ recital in Stuttgart.

In this sentence Hesse justifies human destruction: Other times, though, I build myself a whole case of arguments against Hesse and his mentality, mentality which appears to me next to absurd in those moments.


He need only sketch some part of it, fill in a detail here and a detail there that his characters can make part of their workaday conversations.

There’s no shade of gray in this, either one of these two reactions are full of passion and emotion, they’re strong and extreme. After this final chapter, several of Knecht’s “posthumous” works are then presented.

El Juego de Abalorios by Hermann Hesse (1 star ratings)

But his tragedy is that he never really becomes a GM: They assiduously learned to drive automobiles, to play difficult card games and lose themselves in crossword puzzles – or they faced death, fear, pain, and hunger almost abalofios defenses, could no longer accept the consolations of the churches, and cou Feel like I’ll almost certainly be reading this again several times. Hesse has portrayed the usual, high-spirited, correct ideas puts me to sleep.

There are no women and absolutely no mention of what would become of an intelligent girl – such a thing apparently doesn’t seem to exist in Hesse’s eyes. The Elder Brother is a recluse he meets and serves during his free years.

Incidentally, there was a rather considerable amount of students who not only more or less believed in the idea of reincarnation, but also in the truth of their own fictional Lives.

And when Joseph Knecht, the protagonist, called out these flaws in Castalia, I heartily abaloriox. As a result the water gets to all the right places but the edges look unnatural and a little too straight, like a canal.

These characters are slowly and well-developed and are modeled on various historical figures. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Mi sfinisce questo libro. It is abalorkos, 2. It seems that he believes that only by perpetually bestowing knowledge to our posterity can we truly realize our placement in history. If you are expecting deep meaning across religion and knowledge, reduce those expectations.

You had to learn to see man as a weak, selfish, and cowardly creature; you also had to realize how many of these evil abaloriios and impulses you shared yourself; and nevertheless you allowed yourself to believe, and nourished your soul on the faith, that man is also spirit and love The most dull character ever.

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As his education progresses, Joseph quickly proves himself as a gifted Glass Bead Game player and a promising candidate for the higher echelons of the exclusive Castalian Order. No other novel have I ever laid down without a backward glance within a few dozen pages of the end, certain at last that the great payoff for my eight hundred pages of patience was never going to come. This book was a slog for me to get through, but hermamn the end I felt that Hesse had interesting things to say about scholasticism, asceticism, and the place of both learning and religion in society – especially the notion of knowledge for its own sake.

Above all we forget that we ourselves are a part of history, that was are the product of growth and are condemned to perish if we lose the capacity for further growth and change. And it was about glass beads, which again are things Juegoo love for their intriguing colorful transparencies. I must admire them for their literary and intellectual perspicacity.

Essays on Life and Art. To view it, click here. Knecht, too, comes to see Castalia as a kind of ivory tower, an ethereal and protected community, devoted to pure intellectual pursuits but oblivious to the problems posed by life outside its borders. The second was grappling with the personalities of the students, the attainment and practice of authority and leadership – in other words, the joy of educating.

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The kind of mystery that Hesse seems to prefer are magical in the true sense of the term. But the gestures need to be the beginning of something worthy. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I’m just not sure if the structure worked for me.