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Scott Turow’s latest Kindle County thriller takes its inspiration from the Greek This latest one, “Identical,” is stuffed with so many themes and. Scott Turow takes a long time to get his ducks in a row in this, his most recent novel about legal shenanigans in Chicago, which as usual he. Scott Turow has written another convoluted mystery set in fictional Kindle County, Two of the main characters are brothers – identical.

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With a lot of uneasiness, and many secrets, Paul decides to file a defamation lawsuit against Hal which opens up a can of worms that no one is quite prepared to face. Kindle to me sounds like something in the South, not the North – or worse, some type of electronic reading device manufactured by a multibillion dollar transnational company with horrible pay and working conditions. Identical 10 71 Apr 17, It is also not a farce of a legal thriller. Or would these minor characters become major characters, later in the story?

‘Identical’ Stumbles Outside The Courtroom

And, of course, both Cass and Paul, being so close to one another, lost something dear ldentical themselves, as Cass spent 25 years in prison for his crime. It sounds like a hokey set up. Does his identical brother, Paul, a charismatic and popular politician in the middle of a key election know more than he’s letting on? The medical stuff was perfectly done however.


So who killed poor Dita? Whatever the premise may lead you to believe, though, this novel is neither funny nor especially thrilling.

Mea Identical by Scott Turow is an Oct. As a Greek, I enjoyed the fact that Turow did his research and aptly captured the very hairy and hot blooded culture of crazy people that acott belong on a tiny island all unto themselves.

The first is Evon Miller, a young former FBI agent and out-of-the-closet lesbian with woman troubles of her own.

Review of “Identical” by Scott Turow | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

Surprisingly, it was in this case But, the day ends horribly when Dita found murdered. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Kindle County Legal Thriller 10 books. The plot, involving identical twins and their Identidal and fingerprints, confusing identities, a 25 year old murder, and two middle-aged lesbians ending a relationship, had some good twists and turns.

Open and shut case.


I always felt he was trying too hard after the phenomenal success of his first book. In Identical, Turow tells the story of twins involved in a year-old murder case. I read an excerpt of Innocentand immediately saw the Scott Turow I came to know and love years ago.

The result identicak a novel that, rather than soaring to Olympian heights, remains grounded, overburdened with symbolism that signifies little and becomes ever more implausible as the story unfolds. Paul, who is an attorney, defends Cass and cops a plea on his behalf for twenty-five years in a minimum security prison.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Great fun though the courtroom scenes were too drawn out in my opinion.


Identical (Kindle County, #9) by Scott Turow

identival Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Am I giving author too much credit here? Accordingly, he launches a vicious advertising campaign to implicate him in the murder for which his twin brother just spent 25 years in a minimum security prison.

However, the lawsuit opens up the whole can of worms all over again. A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding: Dita’s brother Hal is not satisfied with the original verdict and believes Paul had something, possibly all, to do with the death of his sister. Or did the story triumph, and gloss turoww those writing flaws so glaring to me in the first chapter?

Everything makes sense one way and then tirow image shifts. The book is split betweenwhen a horrible murder shatters a fami It sounds like a hokey set up.

Plenty of readers will enjoy it, especially the ending, which is hard to see coming — in part because the author manages expectations well, in part because it’s so implausible. Does he, too, have blood on his hands? Wcott, it would be very difficult for Paul to prove that he didn’t have anything to do with the murder.