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The murder of Ken Rex McElroy took place in plain view of dozens of . “In Broad Daylight: A Murder in Skidmore, Missouri,” which was later. According to the novel, In Broad Daylight: A Murder In Skidmore, Missouri, after the death of McElroy, the community felt a relief. However, many were anxious. “In Broad Daylight” tells the story of the killing of Ken Rex McElroy on the main street of Skidmore, Missouri in July McElroy, an illiterate hog farmer, had.

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Men in the town gathered to protect them on the day of the hearing. Bullies on the internet. Not quite enough, but almost enough to be a nuisance.

Finally, in JulySkidmore had enough. A desperate mother becomes detective to solve her 5 year-old daughter’s death. I also advise anyone who is extremely uncomfortable with readin In Broad Daylight was a very interesting true crime story. Finally he shot another man, delayed the trial for over a year, threatened his victim and every witness, and when finally convicted skidjore free to walk the streets awaiting sentencing.

I literally couldn’t put this book down for three on.

In Broad Daylight – Wikipedia

Its one of those story’s that transports you to a totally different world. It begins when she comes to New York Ddaylight and would get work as a model.

Although there were probably 50 wittiness to the shooting no one would talk. I got curious and looked the book up.


In Broad Daylight

The authorities suspect that the girl has been killed by a well-known person of the family. It is really a shame that what stood out to me most was the lack of editing. MacLean describes the breakthrough events when key characters agreed to speak with him, and he realized he would finally get the story. The book mufder wi I actually enjoyed reading this book. A good read for anyone who has heard of the “vigilanty” town of Skidmore and it’s reaction to the horrors that one man exposed them too.

I happen to be from Missouri, and every summer I pass through and visit similar one-light towns rboad the Ozarks. If you read the original book or saw the movie, you should follow up skidkore this one.

In Broad Daylight: A Murder in Skidmore, Missouri by Harry N. MacLean

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Jack Wilson John Anderson MacLean explains how he came to write his Edgar Award-winning book. He and his wife would wake to find a bright light flashing around the walls. Learn more More Like This.

Jul 30, Shana rated it liked it. The book was reissued in by St.

Click to Purchase Kindle Edition. We get the full life story of Ken McElroy, MacLean also takes us through the year so we misaouri a feel for the type of community it was.

In Broad Daylight: A Murder in Skidmore, Missouri

Written by a first-time author, this is an engrossing, credible examination of the way vigilante action can take over when the law appears to be powerless. An early spring intensified the debate, because the farmers could start planting earlier, and the earlier they planted, the more time the corn would have for growing, and the bigger the yield would be. Angry, paranoid, McElroy pulled guns and threatened to kill the old man and others. I know vigilante justice is frowned upon, but read this story and you will frown upon Ken Rex McElroy.


And to this day, no one has been arrested, no indictments were ever issued and no one is telling what they know. Brian Dennehy is perfectly cast as the villain — although the real guy was even creepier, more violent and sociopathic.

With all this it is easy to see how the townspeople felt the only way they could get justice was to take matters into their own hands. For the unrelated crime film, see In Broad Daylight film. Here is a story for the picked-on. This is the best of the ‘true crime’ genre that I’ve ever read. It tells of a mean, hulking man, a man with guns and a taste for liquor and a touch of sociopathy who Here is a story for the picked-on.