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Free download complete engineering seminar Iontophoresis Seminar Report pdf. Here we are giving you Iontophoresis Seminar and PPT with PDF report. All you need to do is just click on the download link and get it. Seminar on Iontophoresis Drug Delivery System .. Reports have appeared in literature showing appreciable levels of certain drugs in underlying deeper.

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The penetration across the skin or other epithelial surfaces reporrt usually slow due to their excellent barrier properties. Ideally, the use of a buffer system should be avoided in iontophoresis, but if this is not possible, alternative buffers consisting of ions with low mobility or conductivity are preferred.

A major benefit of this process is that it is non-invasive and can be completed in its entirety on the surface of the skin. To use semminar website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Other barriers for the use of reverse iontophoresis as an alternative to kidney dialysis include the properties of the skin and safety issues regarding the application of an electric current to the skin.

Iontophoresis Seminar Report pdf

Then mail to us immediately to get the full iontophorseis. The vast majority of those diagnosed with ESRD were treated with dialysis, the most common method being hemodialysis.? Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. While increasing the current will decrease the lag time, a current of 17 to 99 mA is sufficient to kill a human being?

In anodal iontophoresis positively charged ionsthe electrode orientation is reversed.

Sub-dermally, the ions introduced re-combine with the existing ions floating in the blood stream, forming the necessary new compounds for therapeutic interactions.


The treatment is not the current itself, but rather the ions introduced through that current. We think you have liked this presentation. The penetration ssminar the skin or other epithelial surfaces is usually slow due to their excellent barrier properties.

The absorption rate of the drug is increased, however, once the drug passes through the skin barrier natural diffusion and circulation are required to shuttle the drug to its proper location. Registration Forgot your password?

The downsides to this device include the fact that the patient has to continually wear the device, the device weighs ten pounds, which may be heavy for someone who has other medical issues, and the long-term side effects are unknown. So, the ions are repelled into the skin.

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These include the physiochemical properties of the compound seminsr size, charge, concentrationdrug formulation, type of vehicle, buffer, pH, viscosity, pressure of other ionsequipment used available current range, constant versus pulsed current, type of electrodebiological variations skin site, regional blood ssminar, age, sexskin temperature and duration of iontophoresis. This is an inherent disadvantage with the passive absorption technique.

Up to this p oint, reverse iontophoresis has been used primarily as a monitoring mechanism.? The pH is of importance for the iontophoretic delivery of drugs. Download your Full Reports for Iontophoresis Reverse iontophoresis is a process in which molecules are removed from within the body via a negative charge on the skin that causes solvent flow towards a cation9. Cryotherapy or ice therapy is the application of cold to the body tissues after injury.

Iontophoresis is based on the general principle that like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract ilntophoresis other. Finally, the accuracy of the device, while already quite good, needs to be improved jontophoresis reverse iontophoresis can potentially replace dialysis.


An immediate detriment to the unit is that the patient still needs to be tethered to the unit for dialysis to be performed, and the company is unsure of the long-term user costs.?

The latter ion is of opposite charge is referred to as a counter-ion. The five year survival rate for those on kidney dialysis is only Studies have shown that reverse iontophoresis can successfully remove urea, which is a waste product of the body, from the blood1.? The delivered dose depends on the current flowing and its duration.

Most of the drug ions used for diagnostic purposes in combination with iontophoresis and LDPM are small in size. With the present electrode area of 1 cm2, the current is limited to 1mA due to patient comfort considerations.

Another breakthrough has been the Wearable Artificial Kidney Figure 3which allows dialysis to occur continuously for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week? While this is promising, the process of reverse iontophoresis in this case has only been used as a monitoring mechanism, not as an active filtration mechani sm.

The negative current repels the negative dexamethasone ions, driving them through the patient’s skin. Latest Seminar Topics for Engineering Students. Compared to the ion transport the electro-osmotic contribution is small. However, both of these devices show promise for the future of portable dialysis units. Download your Full Reports for Iontophoresis. Iontophoresis is a recognized therapeutic method for delivering ionic compounds, i.