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Supersedes IPC/JEDEC J-STD .. Mass Reflow This standard applies to bulk solder reflow assembly by convection, convection/IR. Joint IPC/JEDEC Standard J-STD Page 1. STANDARD FOR HANDLING, PACKING, SHIPPING AND USE OF MOISTURE/REFLOW. SENSITIVE SURFACE. J-STDD. – Published August – Typos corrected 3/08 (Rev D.1). • J- STD – Published August • J-STDC. – Balloted within JEDEC & IPC.

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Storage in a dry cabinet may be considered equivalent to storage in a dry pack with unlimited i;c life. Requirement, paragraph number Test Method numberparagraph number The referenced paragraph number has proven to be: The desiccant material shall be packaged in moisture permeable bags or pouches. Also the actual bake time may be reduced if technically justi? This testing method uses a colorimeter to measure the color hue of humidity indicating spots.

I recommend changes jpc the following: Allow the cards to condition for a minimum of 24 hours. The caution label shall be affixed to the MBB if used or to the lowest-level shipping container. Drying per an allowable option resets the? The cards inside the chamber must be observable from outside the chamber. Refer to Clause 6.

As a minimum, all materials used in dry packing should conform to EIA The dry-packing process de? Although unanticipated, j-ztd-033b.1 other than moisture sensitivity could affect the total shelf life of components. Refer to Figure A A UNIT of desiccant is de? If the calculated shelf life is greater than 12 months, item 1 of the caution label should be changed accordingly see Figure The caution label is not required if a bar code label includes the Level 1 classi?


Level 2 parts are still adequately dry. The HIC is packed inside the moisture-barrier bag, along with a desiccant, to aid in determining the level of moisture to which the moisture-sensitive devices have been subjected. This value should to be obtained from the desiccant manufacturer. The following conditions apply regardless of the storage time j-sd-033b.1. C If blank, see adjacent bar code label 3.

The spots shall indicate the humidity with a signi? If any component on the board has exceeded its? For components exposed anytime less than their stated?

Cards with spots that do not indicate dry or wet conditions, per Tableshould be rejected. However, if the conditions of Clause 4. Jeec component and board temperature restrictions in mind, choose a bake temperature from Table ; then determine the appropriate bake duration based on the component to be removed.

Table may be used as a guide in identifying an appropriate bake cycle.

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The bake times speci? For a stacked die or BGA package with internal planes that impede moisture diffusion the actual bake time may be longer than that required in Table if packages have jeddec extended exposure to factory ambient before bake.

Any standard involving a complex technology draws material from a vast number of sources. The body temperature during re? Such processes are not j-std-033.b1 for many SMDs and are not covered by the component quali?

If the calculated shelf life is greater than 12 months, item jwdec of the caution label should be changed accordingly. If more than three are required for any reason, the supplier should be consulted reference J-STD If the actual shelf life has exceeded 12 months, but less than 2 years, from the bag seal date and the humidity indicator card HIC see Clause 5.


These methods are provided to avoid damage from moisture absorption and exposure to solder re? All comments will be collected and dispersed to the appropriate committee s.

J-STD Bake Conditions

An equivalency evaluation j-std-303b.1 recommended to ensure that high temperature processing maintains moisture weight gain to an acceptable level. If the distributor practice is to repack the MBBs with active desiccant, then this time does not need to be subtracted from the MET.

When dry packing, the desiccant shall be removed from the storage container just prior to placing it into the MBB and sealing the MBB.

If that temperature exceeds the classi? The percentage of change in hue from one humidity value to another is then calculated. A safe, yet conservative, handling approach is pic expose the SMD packages only up to the maximum time limits for each moisture sensitivity level as shown in Iipc A dry cabinet should not be considered a MBB. General Considerations for Baking Set the chamber to the? Spots without printing shall be tested. Impose following two exposure conditions: No moisture-absorbing material e.

The caution label includes?