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In this sequel to Troy, Geras once again shows her skill at Ithaka. Adele Geras, Author. Harcourt $17 (p) ISBN A companion piece for the author’s Troy ()—and another definitive example of storytelling so character-driven that nearly everything. Many years have passed since the end of the Trojan War, and Penelope is still waiting for her husband, Odysseus, to return home. The city of Ithaka is overrun.

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It gives Klymene’s perspective ithqka the period that Penelope waits for her husband to return from war, as she holds contemptuous suitors The Iliad and the Odyssey are two of my all time favourite tales, so I am particularly drawn to any “spin offs”of the Homer epics. Overall, good adaption based on a classic story.

How is Penelope and Telemachus able to stay so faithful of Odysse “Ithaka” was a moving read, filled with a whirlwind of emotions from page one. Odysseus, when he eventually appeared, was equally unsatisfying. Troy was more a rehashing of the story through another’s eyes, but it was the same gras story with nothing new.

From the suicide of Antikleia, to the return of Odysseus, back-to-back events have you itching to read the next chapter; the next page.

May 31, Michaella rated it really heras it. This is a good holiday book, something you can pick up and put down without feeling that tug to keep reading until the early hours of the night, just the warm feeling that it will be there when you get back.


When a naked, half-drowned ithzka washes up on the beach, everything changes. Can you, like, believe what she’s, like, wearing? You had to ask questions. While Odysseus fights another kingdom, Penelope fights her own battle – against her own kingdom. As in Troythe Gods and Goddesses including Pallas Athene, Poseidon and Eros, among others, flit in and out of Klymene’s sight play a key role in determining various characters’ fates.

Klymene is a constant ihtaka of comfort to Penelope.


The Iliad and the Odyssey are two of my all time favourite tales, so I am particularly drawn to any “spin offs”of the Homer epics. Telemachus ends up falling in love with her, which breaks Klymene’s heart. Open Preview See a Problem?

Klymene is the twin sister of Ikarios, and both are close friends of Telemachus, the son of Odysseus. The wife that Odysseus left behind when he led the Greek army in the Trojan war. Finish this FAST – otherwise you’ll end up dropping it. May 20, Claudia rated it really liked it.

Review: Ithaka by Adèle Geras | Books | The Guardian

I like how the characters remember the gods visiting them or telling them ithama. Children and teenagers reviews. But is it really? Following this story, it felt as though you were simply observing from nearby, like a servant that everyone ignores.

It has a large focus on what happens in Ithaka while Odysseus is traveling back home. Mar 21, Horatia Ma rated it really liked it. When you’re in your own house.

For Klymene, it’s difficult to fathom why Penelope is so determined to stay faithful to a husband who is most likely never to return.


It is thirteen years since Odysseus first set sail for Troy and Penelope is still waiting for her husband to return. Refresh and try again. Oct 04, Regina rated it liked it.

When King Laertes invites noble Lord Leodes to Ithaka, hordes of uninvited suitors come to the island to try to woo Penelope into marrying them. The characters’ stories develop well, defined by their actions and faith. The ending was beautiful and just what my heart desired. Before Odysseus left he told Penelope that if he was gone long enough that Telemachus could grow a beard that she should remarry. I liked the the weaving used to mirror Odysseus on his journey and I liked the brief glimpses of Argos’ dreams.

Ithaka was a great greas, that pulled geas right into the setting of ancient Greece. Telemachus is a very whiny boy growing up who just isn’t quite gerax enough, and his childhood friends added whom the story is told through their eyes was were the book really shined. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading gsras Greek mythology or just reading in general.

This retelling, however, lacked any portion of that quality. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This isn’t really exciting or page-turning, but the ending is somewhat satisfying.