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JIS G Stainless Steel Pipe is used for the pipings for corrosion resistance, and different grades are applicated for low and high temperature sevice. YC INOX manufactured JIS G and CNS stainless steel pipes are made of , L, and L enduring and reliable stainless steel materials. Further. See the chemical composition and physical properties of JIS G Grade SUSTP pipe Stainless Steel, find alternative materials, and connect with.

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Water and sewage treatment, water tubing, hot water tanks. S EngIish edition in Monthly Information. JIS G large diameter stainless steel seamless pipe. Note 1 c Unless otherwise specified, the shape of the bevelled end shall be as shown in figure 1.

Ksdjis gastm a Jiz stainless steel pipe.

You have already submitted feedback. General matters common t o inspection shall be as specified in JIS G The appearance shall conform t o the requirements specified in clause Hydraulic test characteristic or non-destructive examination characteristic Products Suppliers Sourcing Requests Products. Stainless steel pipes are used in constructions, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, automotive industry, municipal and decorative purposes.

Also, we can manufacture according to customer need. Austenitic stainZess steels published in with modifying some technical contents. In the cases of the automatic arc welded pipe, laser welded pipe, and electric resistance welded pipe, the weld zone shall be placed at right angles to the direction of compression jos shown in figure 2, and the C-shape test piece shall be places as shown in figure 3.

If you are interested in our products,feel free to contact us. When the ji quality requirements given in annex 1 are specified subjected to the agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer, the results of inspection shall conform t o the relevant requirements specified in clause 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in annex 1.


Longitudinal direction 35 min.

Pressure resistance performance 4 shall conform to the requirements specified in clause 9 as a type test. Minerals and energy are of major importance to the world economy.

However, the non-destructive examination may be replaced by other appropriate non-destructive examinations other than Product Alert Stay updated to what’s new and popular on the market. However, the sign of dash may be replaced by a space. Stainless Steel Pipes Standard: Product List Supplier List.

Austenitic and ferritic-austenitic duplex stainless steels-Corrosion test in nitric acid m e d i u m by measurement o f loss in mass Huey test is equivalent t o the said standard.

Pickling, Annealing, Polished Usage: Supplier G34599 Trade Assurance. Conditions of the bent surface shall be as given in annex 1 table jiis.

JIS G 英文版 不锈钢钢管_图文_百度文库

However, in the case of either small pipes or a requirement from the purchaser, the pipes may be bundled and marked for each bundle by a suitable means. Errata will be provided upon request, please contact: Attention is drawn t o the possibility that some parts of this Standard may conflict with a patent right, application for a patent after opening t o the public, utility model right or application for registration of utility model after opening t o the public which have technical properties.

Nominal diameter x nominal wall thickness, outside diameter x wall thickness o r nominal diameter x wall thickness Example: Recommended product from this supplier.

Sch Hydraulic test pressure 5s g3549. This revision has been made based on I S 0 In the case where the hydraulic test is conducted by the specification of the purchaser and the test pressure exceeds either of the value P calculated from the following formula or 20 MPa, the test pressure shall be as agreed jie between the purchaser and the manufacturer.

Hydraulic test characteristic or non-destructive examination characteristic shall conform t o the requirements specified in clause g345. In this case, the penetrometer sensitivity shall be A class, However, the purchaser ijs specify class B of the penetrometer sensitivity if especially required.

This Japanese Industrial Standard has been prepared based on each first edition of I S 0 Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes-Technical delivery conditions-Part 6: There shall be no signal equal to or greater than the signals produced by the artificial flaws of the reference test piece of the working sensitivity division EY specified in JIS G Every process will be checked by responsible QC which insures every product’s quality.


JIS G Method of ferric sulfate-sulfuric acid test for stainless steels However, in the case of the welded pipe, when the outside diameter conform to table 6 and the thickness comes in between the values in that table, adopt the schedule number for the larger thickness and carry out the test with the hydraulic test pressure specified in attached table 2.

Informative Table 1 Calculation examples jks elongation for No.

JIS G3459 Grade SUS310TP pipe

In calculation, the value P in the following formula shall be obtained and h3459 off t o 0. Our diverse inventory y3459 of sourcing that is domestic, approved manufacturers list, and globally competitively produced products. Above all our product are very ideally priced hence are high preferred in the international market. This erratum is for correcting the first edition of this Standard. Sample Order Free samples Paid samples. If the indication of the year of publication is given to these referred standards, only the edition of the indicated year constitutes the provision of this Standard but the revision and amendment made thereafter do not apply.

Longitudinally welded austenitic stainless steel tubes and I S 0 Round, Square, Rectangular, Hydraulic Etc. From sourcing raw materials to launching business projects to satisfying retail demands, our role evolves to meet your current and future sourcing needs in the mineral and energy industries.