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I was captivated’ Fritz Leiber, ‘Julian May has woven a many-coloured tapestry of exotic adventure’ Roger Zelazny, ‘An amazing journey from. The Saga of Pliocene Exile is a series of science / speculative fiction books by Julian May, first published in the early s. It consists of four books: The Many Colored Land, The Golden Torc, The. Exiled beyond the time-portal into the world of six million years ago, the misfits of the 22nd century are enmeshed in the age-old war of two alien races.

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The intrigue is so complex that it is almost impossible to summarize, and yet it was easy to follow while reading it.

Trivia About The Many Coloured Finally, this is juliqn my copy looks like I took this picture while waiting in line at the DMV, no cars were in motion at the time and my car was in park: And very clearly Early Michael Whelan, too. Mit dem vielfarbigen Land beginnen und weiterlesen.

hhe These other planets came to be called ‘Daughter Worlds’, as in ‘the daughter worlds of Duat’. Pulling on Celtic myths, playing fast and loose with geology, and g Exotic aliens with mind numbing and creative psychic powers enslave humans who have time travelled six totc years into the past.

This after he screws everything up repeatedly by being unable to keep quiet about anything ever, and also by committing outrageous crimes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They are all upstaged by the actions of Felice, who mag an earthquake which breaches the straits of Gibraltar and floods the Mediterranean with water from the Atlantic the Mediterranean being a series of salt water marshes and lagoons at around this period, apparently golddn, sweeping away the city of Muriah where the battle is taking place.

The Firvulag who dwelt in the dark and wet lowlands grew small and hardy and were naturally operant, but most were much more weakly powered and often limited to Creativity and Farsense. Though ramapithecine apes are made to do a lot of the menial labor in the Tanu kingdom, human grey torc slaves end up doing the more complex and dangerous grunt work. Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia’s inclusion policy.


Doesn’t lose pace and follows on well from where it left off from the first novel. She was an active fan herself for many years from the s onwards. The Firvulag are described as being naturally gifted at creativity, often using it to assume monstrous forms. Which brings me to 4 my fourth and final complaint: Furthermore, in what might seem to be revolutionary to modern readers, most of the story threads are wrapped up! The first one had a unique identity – not just with the mishmash of themes, but with its way of building up anticipation and delivering excitement.

Rereading this since years and it has become clear that part 1 and 2 of the Saga of the Pliocene Exile belong to the same story and could have been published in 1 part. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. There are a lot of characters—a LOT—which made it difficult to remember who was mya and tough to feel any sense of engagement.

Sunny Jim Quigley and Calistro, gloden goat-herder. The worm turns, when humans turn out to be nastier and craftier than their Tanu overlords ever imagined. They usually throw their spears in the first rush of battle, then close in using their swords and mindpowers.

May 10, Timothy Boyd rated it liked it. She is treated with a mix of acceptance and julain. Dougal is of course a character May would have met many times among fans. The Firvulag are primarily creative adepts, spinning horrific illusions around themselves and projecting confusion and pain in battle to terrify their opponents.

The Many Coloured Land The Golden Torc

This is most commonly described in the books for mental or psychological healing, but it is also used for healing physical ailments as well. Characters are added, including a transwoman doctor, and all continue to feel completely individual and easily decipherable, in spite of the growing cast list. Half were sent to slave labor, while the others were deemed talented at mind powers, given necklace-like torcs to enhance those powers, and sent to the capital city of Muriah.


Love story, Crime story, sci-fi, fantasy, mythical I expected to see something about the rama culture and the impact of the torcs and slavery on them.

The Golden Torc (Pliocene Exiles, book 2) by Julian May

The “Lowlives” is a term referring to humans in Pliocene Europe. Opinions of a Wolf My bestnine. Dawn rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Or so they thought. The Tanu have won the Combat without fail for the past forty years, because of their use of humanity and human innovations, such as the grey-torc shock troops and the use of horse-like chalicotheres known as ‘chalikos’ as riding animals giving the Tanu cavalry that the Firvulag lack.

In order to increase their population more rapidly, the Tanu have been using humans as breeding stock ever since they arrived. Some side with the Tanu, some with the Firvalug, some fight to be independent.

Felice hatches a plan to escape and with the help of the rest of the time-travelers, they are able to overpower their Tanu and gray torc human escorts holden escape—where they fall in with the Lowlives, a group of free humans working to undermine the Tanu alongside the Firvulag. For instance, Felice Landry is Paramount in creativity but only roughly masterclass in redaction. Oddly, some of best features of the parallel story were neglected here.

Aug 09, Martin Williamson rated it it was amazing. The scene where Basil meets Marc on top of the mountain is very brief but just perfect. One of the other women Amerie is a Roman Catholic nun. This was much more of a standard action-adventure. May does not clarify whether prolepsis is a separate metapsychic ability or a manifestation of extremely golen farsensory ability.

When the daughter race demanded that the Tanu and Firvulag discard their ancient battle-religion and rejoin the rest of the race, a small number refused to and chose to fight a final apocalyptic war to the end.

Julian May knows how to tell a good story.