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In kihon ippon kumite the basic attacks and counters are practised in a set and rigid way. With jiyu ippon kumite these basic techniques are practised in a more. 38 Tjasa EP, 39 V elementu, 40 V Indijskem oceanu, 41 V Izoli, 42 Zabava. of Kihon ippon kumite. Generated with Arles Image Web Page Creator. Traditional Shotokan Karaté. Eghezée. OK. Homepage · Le Karaté · L’art martial · L’entraînement · Le karaté et les enfants · Les examens · FAQ’s · La fédération.

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The second element is kata. This is similar in principle to a fighter plane. The hip position of the kamae is also very important.

A stable stance is one with a large base area and a low centre of gravity. This is the combining of the basic techniques into pre-arranged forms.

Therefore you should move as you see your opponent start to move. Defender Ukete The defender must maintain a level of spirit that exceeds that of the attacker and exercising patience while awaiting the attacker’s strike.

If these are ignored, good timing is impossible. HIPS The ip;on position of the kamae kjhon also very important.

When the attack comes there are two ways of replying to it. In kihon ippon kumite the basic attacks and counters are practised in a set and rigid way.

With any of the above types of response be it a simultaneous block and counter as in sen no sen, or a separate block and counter as in go no sen, the timing is of great importance. The third element is kumite.

Kihon Ippon Kumite . Shotokan Karate-Do . JKA

An oi zuki chudan could be responded to by a hidari soto ude uke, migi gyaku zuki. Chudan Oi Zuki 2.


During this motion, it is important to remain as relax as possible. Lihon you launch your attack too late it is obvious your opponent will reach their target before you do.

The attacker Semete after informing the defender of a target, concentrates the focus ip;on his lower abdomen and launches a forceful attack with the intent of felling his opponents with a single strike Ikken Hissatsu. Navigation Information Training Contact Yahoo! This means when you shift from kamae the width between the feet is increased to around hip width apart, and the length between the feet is also increased.

If the hips are square to the front, the whole front of the body is exposed to any attack. If you miss-time the block either too early or too late your block will miss the attack, allowing it through to its target. Kihon, kata and all of the different forms of kumite training collectively work together to optimally develop the defensive and offensive capacities of karateka; however, the objective of each drill must be fully understood and followed in physical practice.

On seeing your opponent move forward to execute the oi zuki jodan you could immediately attack him by sliding forward with hidari kizami zuki.

Another response, this time i;pon oi zuki chudan could be hidari gedan barrai, migi mae ku,ite.

The left hand if extended farther forward will be more effective to block any attack but it is virtually impossible to attack with the left hand with any power unless it moves back first. As stressed above, doing kumjte, will inevitably compromise kihon—which immediately renders these drills useless.

Although this sounds detrimental it has the effect of making it easier and faster to move from this stance into attacking or defending stances as required. This will help to train and develop the muscles used when kigon the technique. The opposite is also true, if they focus kion their opponents upper body then they will probably be hit with a kick.


KIME The second important difference between ippon and jiyu ippon kumite is the kime. With jiyu ippon kumite the student blocks the attack, then counter attacks. Sen no sen – to seize the initiative, or Go no sen – to seize the initiative later.

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Kihon, Kata and Kumite. This is the most important part of timing. Chudan Oi Zuki 4. You are then in a state of readiness of any further attacks. For example, khmite opponent attacks oi zuki jodan. Popular content All time: You are then in a state of readiness of any further attacks GO NO SEN Go no sen involves blocking any attack strongly and then launching a counter attack.

The Kamae is a more manouverable stance than zenkutsu dachi.

Then the attacker quietly returns to Yoi Hachiji Dachi Shizentai while breathing in, then exhales deeply while concentrating the focus in the lower abdomen Hara and relaxes in preparation for the next attack. Newer Post Older Post Iopon. At the same time it is also able to perform a quick and strong block such as age uke or osae uke. I will write an article about it in the near future.