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constitution. 0 references. country · Poland. 0 references. scanned file on Wikimedia Commons · Konstytucja Marcowa ().pdf × 1,, 26 pages; Andrzej Garlicki, Przewr ot majowy [May Coup d’ etat] (Warsaw: Czytelnik, ), À 7. Andrzej Burda, Konstytucja marcowa. Dokumenty naszej tradycji. See S. Estreicher, Nasza Konstytucja [Our Constitution] (). See the constitution of the Polish Republic, Mar. 17, 1, in Burda, Konstytucja Marcowa.

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Inthe Stalinist-imposed communist government rescinded the constitution of April and nominally recognised the March Constitution as binding, konstytucjja though its democratic principles were not respected.

Citizens convicted of offences which the law of elections may define as involving temporary or permanent loss of the right to vote, of eligibility, or of being a deputy, may not enjoy the electoral right.

Arrested persons who have not been served within forty-eight hours with a written statement of the cause of arrest, signed by a judicial authority, regain their freedom at once.

A special statute will define the responsibility for the abuse of this freedom. The second Sejm, which will meet on the basis of this constitution, may revise this constitutional law by its own vote, taken by a majority of three-fifths, in the presence of at least one-half of the statutory number of Deputies. A change in the constitution must be konsgytucja by at least one-fourth of the total statutory number of Deputies konstyfucja notice of such a motion must be given at least fifteen days in advance.

The Sejm must be convoked to assemble on the third Tuesday after election day, and every klnstytucja, at the latest in October, to an ordinary session for the purpose of voting the budget, the numerical strength and recruiting of the army, and other current affairs.

A special statute will create, in addition to territorial self-government, economic self-government for the individual fields of economic life; namely, chambers of agriculture, commerce, industry, arts and crafts, hired labour and others, united into a Supreme Economic Council of the Republic, the collaboration of which with state authorities, in directing economic life and in the field of legislative proposals, will be determined by statutes. The administration of the state will be organized on the principle of decentralization, organs of state administration in the individual territorial units being, as far as possible, joined in one official body under one marcoaa, and on the principle that within the limits determined by jonstytucja, citizens elected for this purpose shall participate in konstytucjx discharge of the duties of such official bodies.


A minister cannot evade his constitutional responsibility by resigning his office.

Konstytucja marcowa by Anna Hołdyńska on Prezi

Next Historical context 11 November is considered the konstytuja date konstytucha which Poland regained its independence. The right to vote can be exercised only in person. Citizens have the right of combining, meeting, and forming associations and unions.

The relation of the state to such churches and religions will be determined from time to time by legislation after an understanding with their legal representatives. Contemporary Poland from The President of the Republic represents the state in foreign relations, receives diplomatic representatives of foreign states, and sends diplomatic representatives of the Polish State to foreign states.

These principles will be defined more in detail by a statute on the state of siege. This rule does not apply klnstytucja appointment as minister, under-secretary of state, or professor in an academic school.

A judge may be removed from office, suspended from office, transferred to a different place of office, or pensioned, against his own will, by judicial decision only, and only in cases provided by statute. While he retains his office, a deputy may not, without the permission of the Sejm, be made to answer before a criminal court, penal-administrative authority, or a disciplinary court, or be deprived of his freedom.

Statutes will determine the cases in which decisions of self-government organs may exceptionally require confirmation by superior self-government organs or by ministries. The President of the Republic exercises the executive power through ministers responsible to the Sejm and through officials subordinated to the Ministers. The President of the Republic is elected for seven years by the absolute majority marocwa the votes of the Sejm and the Senate united in National Assembly.

Prescription in criminal proceedings against a deputy does kknstytucja run while he retains his office.

No one may be deprived of the court to which he is subject by law. No one may be called to account for a truthful report of an open meeting of the Sejm or a committee of the Sejm.

The validity of unprotested elections is verified by the Sejm. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. The President of the Republic makes treaties with other states and brings them to marrcowa notice kkonstytucja the Sejm. The President of the Republic convokes, opens, adjourns, and closes the Sejm and Senate. Every citizen has the right of preserving his nationality and developing his mother-tongue and national characteristics.


The President may not exercise this right in the case of ministers convicted upon impeachment by the Sejm. Jankowski Minister Zdrowia Publicznego w z.

“konstytucja marcowa” in English

The causes are heard and judgement is passed by the Court of State. It is the duty of all citizens to submit to any public burdens, services, and duties imposed by virtue of statute.

Sovereignty in the Republic of Poland belongs to the nation. This image may not be in the public domain in these countries, which moreover do not implement the rule of the shorter term. Minister of Foreign Affairs E.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. This rule does not apply in the case of the transfer of a judge to a different place, or his pensioning owing to a change in the organization of the courts decided upon by statute.

The churches of the religious minorities and other legally organized religious communities govern themselves by their own laws, which the state may not refuse to recognize unless they contain rules contrary to law. This duty will be defined more in detail by a special statute. Every Voivodeship forms one constituency and the number of senators is equal to one-fourth of the number of members of the Sejm, in proportion to the number of inhabitants. The state is responsible for the damage, jointly with the guilty organs; actions may be brought against the state and against officials, independently of any permission by a public authority.

The standing rules of the Sejm define the mode and order of the proceedings of the Sejm, the type and number of the committees, the number of marshals and secretaries, the rights and duties of the Marshal.

The hearings before a determining court, as well in civil as in criminal cases, are public, except when statutes provide otherwise.