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Office Cabinets H1–H14 Office Cabinets H1–H6 Office Accessories H7–H Table What’sofNew. Contents What’s New inside your KraftMaid® Spec . Dec 29, KraftMaid Product Information – Selection & Specifications Goodlife Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions | Home Design and Decor Reviews Dimension. Nov 23, standard cabinet sizes | example w w cabinet type 36 cabinet Base cabinets 3 Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets, Building Kitchen Cabinets.

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We got them through our rep, who is invaluable in the process IMO.

To make working close to counter tops more comfortable, each base cabinet has a toe kick area. I freaking reference this so much and now I can’t find it.

Doctor of Design view all. I blame the men in the officeit was probably a man who took the specs off the site and created a new site too. I blame the men in the officeit was probably a man who took the specs off the site and created a kraftaid site too Aug 5, 09 3: Are you sure you want to block this user and hide all related comments throughout the site?


Go over the list three times with your rep, draw everything in axon if you can. What’s everyone’s feeling on the quality of Kraftmaid products? PS, on my two most recent custom house jobs, cabinetry was the single largest line item after framing and foundation. Goodlife Kitchens, your KraftMaid designer can answer any questions about sizes, options and availability. How to order KraftMaid cabinetry.

Cabknet Us On Facebook. Wall cabinets are available in cqbinet heights and widths. Did you use MDF kaftmaid laminate top, or solid cherry? Apr 8, 10 4: Holding up very well – no drawer slide problems, a few doors need adjustment, but mostly in very good shape.

Kitchen at Valley Supply Center

Apr 8, 10 Cabinetry can generate HUGE differences in price depending on finish. How expensive relative to a true custom cabinet shop? Schools School Blogs Forum.

I have some people asking me after they got, in their opinion, outrageous quotes on Kraftmaid from Lowes. Looks like I will be spec’ing Thomasville! Now offering sinks and faucets from Kohler and Elkay!

Apr 9, 10 Apparently there is a new kraftmaid specs website with the info I need.

Kraftmaid cabinets

Kraftmaid is fine for me and the people I know but my clients wouldn’t put that in their in laws suites.


How do Architect’s remodel their own kitchens spexs baths? Base cabinets are available with full-height drawers, door and drawer combinations or full stacks of drawers. The height s you choose depends on your ceiling and whether your design includes a soffit. Does anyone have suggestions for other semi-custom national cabinet makers besides Kraftmaid?

Krattmaid specifications guide here is intended for consumer use and should be used as a general guideline before ordering with Goodlife Kitchens, your KraftMaid Cabinet design specialist. I’ve been happy with the Kraftmaid in my own kitchen for five years.

Can they work with an independent rep to lower the markup? Last Created Threads Transporting Materials the Bloomberg building Cheap architecture universities Applying for Internships is it worth a drafter have a profile on Archinect Usefulness of a Graduate Exhibition view all.