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La grande piramide e lo Zed. Nuove scoperte nella grande piramide. Come fu costruita e cosa nasconde on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mario Pincherle and his team since the beginning were interested in solving the .. and the Zed). By Mario Pincherle Translated by Roy Baranes July Zed. La Grande piramide e lo Zed by Mario Pincherle, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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We actually made a point to ideally identify ourselves with the ancient architect.

We know that the egyptians used the growth of wetted wedges positioned inside holes, to crack the stone: The wood gets wet, and then it dries, this is obvious.

Erodotus on chapter in Book II of his Histories tells us that: He needed now a proof of real power: Daniela Falessi added it Jun 15, In our model these stretches were pincherke meters long each.

La Grande piramide e lo Zed

The water from the other channel, flowing in the open air on the small hill on which the pyramid was raised, may have been used for flooding the cubic woods. Petralcare added it Feb 16, A lp in depth study of the granite plugs in the breech of the gun, still in a good state of preservation, ko made us realize that one of them was fixed and the other two moving ones.

The short cubic woods were part of a huge piston that moved very slowly but with enormous power. The sledge had an horizontal loading floor and it was placed on the two large rims. There was not even the need of propping the sledge during the substitution of drenched woods with pinncherle ones: This advance was certainly enough to insert a new cubic wood between the sledge and the last cubic wood at the top at each recurring procedure.


The great strenght of Egypt are the waters of the Nile and the rays of the Sun.

Guglielmo Marconi. Lo «Zed» antenna radio con l’aldilà

How could it all have happened? Special plates, made of bronze perhaps, well greased, placed in the small ditches and in the niches functioned as rails and guard-rails, to prevent the sledge from heeling or hitting the lateral walls see picture: Taking precise measurements we could realize that the cubic wood, made of wooden fibres, expands when these fibers, by capillary, absorb water, marjo then it contracts under the action of the sun; the imbibed water evaporates and the wood dries.

Bizio rated it liked it Feb 09, Following Herodotus’ story, the channels, which were necessary for setting the machine in motion, were built before the pyramid.

It will be useless to employ the slaves: The Eastern religions have a wonderful way of teaching compassion and love. Thanks for telling us about the problem. We employed small fir cubic woods and a large polished stone. The wooden cube most down below was pressing against the granite ‘plugs’ in the breech of the gun. I would be needing such a great number of them that they may not stand all together on top of the construction.

But forces do add up and an army of slaves produces a very great strenght. So we kept asking ourselves: And how does the wood breathes?

Mario Martinez rated it really liked it Dec 27, The monolith would then rise for a good measure up toward the vault of the sarcophagus. Mario Pincherle and his team since the beginning were interested in solving the problem of lifting the enourmous granite monoliths found within the Great Pyramid. Extraction of the numerous, heavy, drenched and swelled cubic woods, out of the gun, following each flooding, was perhaps an almost impossible task, more so if done by bare hands even with the help of ropes and windlasses.


The real difficulty was indeed this last one. The fix granite plug and the two pistons they all have rounded corners: We must look again at the longitudinal cross-section of the Great Pyramid and observe how the underground gallery sinks to about 30 meters under the base of the pyramid and at its center.

Guglielmo Marconi. Lo «Zed» antenna radio con l’aldilà : Mario Pincherle :

Victor Pistolet rated it it was amazing Aug 02, A huge sledge that supported oo by one the enourmous blocks could have slided up over the two long smooth rims, as if on two large rails, that flank the Great Gallery in its lenght. But then something else happens, and this something else is so delicate and imperceptible as soft breathing. We may now clearly imagine what did our ancient architect do: So we kept on asking ourselvers: Download your E-book Click to launch the full edition in a new window.

However even our knowledge of everything that is wrong with our earthly existence is one step closer to the divine. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The system of pinvherle and channels constituted the remarkable machine that was going to lift zee great monoliths almost automatically: Lining up many pieces of wood their motion will add up in a single unique motion that I will use it to lift my great granite blocks”.